Frequently Asked Questions

   I have a subscription. Can I cancel that?
Yes. Of course. Anytime you want.
   I want to pause my subscription, this is possible.
Hell yes! This is possible whenever you want.
   I've lost my password. How do I request a new one?
You can access your account again via this link.
   I have a subscription but would like to receive other cups.
This is very easy in your Goedcupje account under "Change subscription". We will then send you the new composition the next order
   Are Goedcupjes for sale in the store?
No. Goedcupjes can only be purchased through spread the word!
   Can my Nespresso® machine break due to the use of Goedcupjes?
No. No. No. Impossible!
   How can I ensure that emails from Goedcupje always arrive at me?
Add the email address to your contacts. This way emails from us always arrive in your inbox.
   When will the Goedcupjes be delivered?
The Goedcupjes are delivered the next day when they are ordered before 5 p.m. Delivery is not possible on public holidays.
   I ordered Goedcupjes, but I didn't get it. What now?
Please contact us immediately.
   The Goedcupjes were damaged when I just received them from the courier. What should I do?
Please contact us immediately.
   I have to press a little harder on my coffee maker if I use a Goedcupje than with Nespresso® capsules. Is that normal?
Yes. Goedcupje capsules are made of plastic, so you have to press a little harder.
   Do the Goedcupjes also fit in other coffee makers?
No. The Goedcupjes are only suitable for Nespresso® machines.
   Are the Goedcupjes suitable for my Nespresso® machine?
Yes. The Goedcupjes are suitable for most Nespresso® devices except the Nespresso® Cube and the Miele built-in devices.
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